Basic Leggings for Lounging

I am sure that you are all familiar with the LEGGINGS ARE NO PANTS movement. Okay, it is not really a movement, but I certainly have the urge to shout at girls on the street/in parties that leggings are ain’t no freaking pants! Seriously, girls, just learn it and go with it: cover your buttocks, if you are wearing leggings.

There is only one exemption from this rule: when you are lounging! One of my favorite lounging piece is my knee length black H&M leggings that are just perfect for those movie with popcorn evenings with a comfy oversized tee. (Which reminds me of: stay tuned, this week I am going to share 5 movies that are perfect for summer daydreaming!) And where to get the best basic leggings? For a good deal go for H&M where you can get a pair for as little as €9.95.



The softest leggings I ever touched are from Rituals, but obviously they are a bit more on the pricey side (€22). They are made of 63% cotton with some added elastane fibers for extra elasticity that makes it perfect for yoga as well.

Where did you get your favorite leggings? Please do share in a comment!