Feel-Good Products

Sunday Shoppe is all about feeling gorgeous in your skin and taking care of your soul from the outside. There are some products on the market that do exactly that: you don’t really need them for anything special but it just feels extremely good to use them.

Repin Via: Priscilla Quinlan

The originally Dutch, but now widely available cosmetics brand Rituals offers some great feel-good products. My personal favorite is the Yin calming bed & body mist smells simply amazing and is the perfect accessory to put you in a calmer state of mind. I usually use it when I make the bed  and since there is no alcohol in it, it won’t leave stains on the sheets. I also use it sometimes before I get dressed up or if I have trouble falling asleep I directly spray it on my pillow. The smell is really fresh and subtle so you won’t get a headache.

Rituals Yin Calming Bed & Body Mist

There are some other great products I came across online and would love to give them a try. The thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is working on your good night sleep with a blend of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Chamomile.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, 75ml | NET-A-PORTER

Other favorite is the dr. feelgood complexion balm from Benefit that can be worn either as a primer or alone. Promises to smooth the fine lines away with Vitamin A, C and E.

Benefit Cosmetics - dr. feelgood #benefitgals


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