at the window


Nightwear in fashion usually means sequined skirts, sheer dresses and cocktail-hour attire. But it does not have to be like that given you spend your Saturday night in and nightwear in your case really is just your favorite frat-shirt and yoga pants. Nightwear is something you feel comfortable being in, you don’t feel trashy when you get a glimpse of yourself while walking by the mirror and you don’t mind your sweetheart seeing it, either. It might be the aforementioned tee plus pants combo or your silk kimono robe you threw on before you took your most comfortable position on the couch. It is glamorous, as you decided to wear your long fake pearl necklace just to feel a bit Gatsby-y. Or you are wearing your the most expensive underwear in your drawer because you just wanted to feel exclusive while flipping through e-mails for the last time. Best thing about lounging is that you are entirely free to decide what you want to wear and can choose from a huge array of items to do so: incredibly comfortable and soft leggings, your perfect camisole, a figure hugging knee-length jersey dress or an oversized tee. Staying stylish while on off-time is nothing to be sorry for.

Need this to pair with my skirt for NYE


Yoko and John <3


let's stay home



Emporio Armani Lace Bralette




A little holiday sparkle.




The Rose Garden


A cosy, comfy tee as a lounge dress. Although without the odd pose!


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